Elder Care Insurance for Federal Employees…and their parents!

  Effective 12/19/2022, the U.S Office of Personnel Management (OPM) suspended all new long term care applications through FLTCIP until further notice “to assess benefit offerings and establish sustainable premium rates…” The FLTCIP suspension will remain in effect for at least 24 months.

Based on previous benefit and premium changes, new benefits and/or premiums may change dramatically.

Now what?

How can federal employees offset the elder care needs for themselves or their parents?

AllFeds is now offering three possible solutions

Home Health Care:

  • Issue ages 45-89
  • Up to $160,000 for Home Health Care
  • Guaranteed renewable for life
  • May include up to $600 annual Rx benefit in most states
  • Extremely Simplified underwriting

Short Term Care:

  • Issue ages 45-89
  • Up to $110,000 for home care AND $145,000 for facility care….a possible $250,000 of elder care benefits for you or your parents.
  • Relaxed underwriting…..possible approvals MAY include those with MS, ALS, COPD, diabetes, alcohol/substance abuse and obesity.

Term Life/LTC policy:

  • Issue Ages 19-70…must be working 30 hours per week at time of issue
  • Fully portable and guaranteed renewable for life
  • Benefits up to $150,000….combined benefits may be used as home health care, long term care or a death benefit
  • Extremely relaxed underwriting…only four health questions
  • Guaranteed acceptance up to $75,000 if working 30 hours per week at time of issue.

At Allfeds, we believe these three options will provide federal employees and their parents extremely valuable, affordable AND attainable solutions to their elder care needs. If you or your or your parents have been declined or are unable to find affordable coverage, complete the Elder Care quote request….we can help.

Elder Care Quote Request


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Not all policies are available in all states but state approvals are being updated monthly.

Insurance products and regulations may vary by country and state, so it’s crucial to consult with a licensed insurance agent or broker for specific and up-to-date information in your area.