Our unique WAEPA vs FEGLI vs  FegliPLUS comparison can save you 30-80%.

Federal Employee Group Life Insurance…..FEGLI Option “B”…. has long been known to be an overpriced source of optional life insurance for healthy federal employees…..

“The Government Accounting Office reported in April of 1986 that the FEGLI program is inferior to many private plans”

For many years, federal employees have sought meaningful alternatives to the federal plan. Many federal employees have turned to Worldwide Assurance for Employees of Public Agencies or WAEPA.

A direct comparison shows that  WAEPA and FEGLI Option “B” are group plans with increasing premiums every five years.

WAEPA has a long history of annual premium refunds.

In addition to the increasing premiums every five years, a built in problem with WAEPA is the decreasing death benefit. The WAEPA death benefit drops significantly beginning at age 60 and continues to decrease every five years.

Healthy federal employees can now consider FegliPLUS, a new approach to individual life insurance.

FegliPLUS locks in guaranteed, low cost premiums for 15, 20 or even 30 years.

It also includes substantial lump sum payouts for Critical Illness and Chronic Care including cancer, heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, blindness, Parkinson’s, organ transplants, ALS, MS, dementia and Alzheimer’s.

These direct comparisons, which include WAEPA’s new 50% Chronic Care rider, illustrate how FegliPLUS can reduce your premiums by 50-80% AND guarantee level premiums AND level death benefits AND include substantial lump sum coverage for Critical Illness and Chronic Care conditions.


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FEGLI Option B….Do Your Homework!


FegliPLUS  rates are based on a preferred rate class and could be higher or lower based on your personal profile.

All illustrated WAEPA premiums include their new 50% Chronic Care only rider and double indemnity for accidental death.

Please note WAEPA’s decreasing death benefit beginning at age 60

As a convenience and to verify our comparisons, please visit WAEPA

Additional Coverage:

*NEW*Extended Care Insurance – Up to $250,000 for extended care insurance needs including home care AND facility care.

FedAdvantage Disability Insurance

FedAdvantage Accident Insurance

FegliPLUS  is not affiliated with the federal government or OPM.