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Do Women Pay Too Much?

Monday, September 9th, 2019

Do women pay too much for WAEPA, GEBA and FEGLI?

Federally employed women have three main choices for optional life insurance. WAEPA, FEGLI Option B and GEBA.

All three are group plans and come with three major problems.

Healthy women do not receive the 30-40% discounts available on the open market.

While insurance companies offer different rate classes…Preferred-Plus, Preferred, Select and Standard.

Virtually all healthy, non-smokers can reduce these group premiums by 50-80%.

Why would any healthy women relinquish her healthy lifestyle credits back to the insurance company?

WAEPA and GEBA  include dramatic premium increases as much as 400% in only fifteen years.

FEGLI Option B premiums can increase up to 500% in only 15 years!

Additionally, WAEPA and GEBA begin reducing death benefits at ages 60 and 65 further increasing the insurance costs.

These three plan designs result in women paying far more than they need to.

They end up with greatly reduced benefits at much higher prices.

Healthy federal women need to take advantage of and get credit for their healthy lifestyle.

FegliPLUS offers guaranteed level death benefits AND premiums for 20 or 30 years while including lump sum payouts for Critical Illness and Chronic Care.

Covered conditions may include heart attack, stroke, cancer, kidney failure, coma, MS, Parkinson’s, ALS, paralysis, dementia and Alzheimer’s.

With a $500,000 policy, the guaranteed 20 year savings for healthy federal employees….male OR female can exceed $100,000!

So, are YOU paying too much for your group insurance?

A 60 second inquiry could save you $100,000!

One client actually saved $560,000….really!

Request your FegliPLUS quote


WAEPA comparisons include their indemnity for accidental death and dismemberment and their new 50% Chronic Illness Rider.

Our GEBA comparisons include their 50% accidental death and dismemberment.

To verify our comparisons, you may contact WAEPA and GEBA directly.

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*NEW*  Extended Care Insuranceup to $250,000 for extended care insurance including home health care AND facility care. Relaxed underwriting, lower premiums with most policies issued within 7 days

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